Monday, August 22, 2016

Our Testimony

We all have a testimony a story to tell the world. We do not have to speak it with our words unless we choose too. Our testimony is how we live. You see our lives speak the words for us. Other words it is how we live that others see. This can be either negative or positive that people see. The negative could be how you used to live while the positive can be how you live now. Of course if you are living negative now you can change your life into being positive. You see our lives are not over yet so we can change it to being positive right now.

I can tell you that your life can change whether you believe it or not. My life as a small child almost ended by being burned at the age of four however God had other ideas. If things were different whether a second or few I would not be here today to give you encouragement; God’s plan of my life could be for you to read today. I am not here to give you a great message to read just for you to know that our lives are more than we realize it. Many years ago I would have never known that I could change someone else’s life as well as my own.

Besides spending six weeks in the hospital with a burn on the right side of my stomach I could not speak English correctly until I was five years old because of a hearing disability. In the hospital the nurses could not understand what I was saying so my older brother had to interpret for them. When my hearing was corrected at five I was than able to start talking in English but my reading took a while for me to be like most kids. With this all I had to fight to know who I was in my mind. I have dealt with depression as well. I never took any medicine for depression because I had enough issues that I did not want to be labeled by anyone either. Through school I had to deal with attention deficit though in those days there was no name for it. Again I am glad that I was not labeled. I am sure happy that I did not grow up now because I am sure that I never would have become the person that I am today. Actually I may have but it would have taken longer to do so. I know that there are those who probably have a lot worse cases of attention deficit now than I did so I can understand where they will need to be given medicine but I think those would be extreme conditions.

So you see if you knew me way back in my early years and know me now I am a miracle. This is my testimony and you have one to whether you went through something far worse than me or not. So you see today you have a testimony whether you believe it not. You are speaking words of volumes without saying anything. Please believe it. In another way to say what we have heard over the years “pictures are worth a thousand words.” Please share this with someone you may feel could hear it.

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