Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Get Over It

I feel like that I should lighten things up however right now though it feels to be somewhat serious at this same time. I am not sure what to write tomorrow but it will be different than this I hope anyway.

It seems to me some people take comments by others way to over board. What I mean is that relationships get broken over small things people say. I am sure a lot of people are not talking to each other anymore over the presidential election. I have heard where some who were close friends have blocked each other on social media and they won’t talk to each other at all. Of course people have strong opinions about whom or who shouldn’t be president. I have decided not to read anyone’s posts or comments about the election. It is likely someone out there doesn’t like me doing so but that is how it is for me. I am sure many may think that I am crazy not to vote for either the two main candidates. I have been told that if I don’t vote or go with a third party or a write in that I am giving the election to Hilary Clinton. So be it because I don’t feel enough to vote for Donald Trump either. The election is in November so I could change my mind.

There are other things I am sure that people breakup relationships over as well. I believe a lot is over picky little things. Also people do not listen to what the other one is saying. Often people get the wrong idea or believe the person is saying one thing while they are saying another. This is why the title here is get over it. Life is too short to allow words and conflict to end relationships.  Usually if I have a disagreement which doesn’t happen to often anyway I am over it the next day. We fester over it longer than discouragement and bitterness comes over us. I find that I have issues that are more important to me than ending a relationship.

Another thing is that most of us do not have many close relationships anyway. If we have more than half a dozen close friends than we are more blessed than most. It is not as though we are not around a lot of people because I know in my case I am but most people I would call acquaintances. The close friends are those you know would be there for you when circumstances happen like being in the hospital. You would hear from the acquaintances with sympathy and making sure you are OK but the close friends are the ones who would come to the hospital for a visit no matter how sick you are. They would ask what they could do for you. These are the ones that you need to be sure that you do not let offense ruin the relationship. So if you are in the place where you have broken relationships go to them and apologize even if they are the ones who should. Other words we need to be the bigger person. This would be for the acquaintances as well as for the close friends. Again life is to short having regrets too.   

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