Saturday, August 13, 2016

Reading Psalms

Whether you are Christian, Jewish or other I recommend reading the Psalms out of the Old Testament. Psalms can give you inspiration and if you love poetry it is the best around. I read five psalms a day. Not only inspires me but many of them say what I am thinking. The words allow me to meditate on them all day long as well.

I read the New International Version most of all and it is really good however if you have the King James Version then I recommend reading psalms that way because the words are so beautiful.

Like I say that I read five psalms a day. There are a total of 150 psalms and because we have 30 days in most months it works out that way. Give you an example what I do is on the first day of the month I will read psalm 1 followed by 31, 61, 91 and 121. Each day would follow the same formula. The hardest Psalm is number 119 because it is so long you may want to throw it into your reading on multiple days.

Another book in the Old Testament you can read on a daily basis that works out is Proverbs. Again this is outstanding poetry once again. There is thirty-one chapters of Proverbs so as you can see one chapter a day works out. There are other books in the Old Testament that is written in poetry form as well. For example the Songs of Solomon which is eight chapters long so you could figure something out with it too. The books of the Prophets like Isaiah and Jeremiah are written primarily in poet form too. So you see if you love poetry the Bible is really great to read. If you have never read the Bible before and you have thought about doing so I believe this is a good way to start.

Regardless of your beliefs I believe everyone can get a lot out of the Bible. If you are not sure what version to get I would ask someone at a Bible book store or a friend that you may know that reads the Bible. Like I said I primarily read the New International Version since it is easier to read then the King James. Anyway get started and enjoy.


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