Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What Makes You Happy

I have said before being happy is a choice and not a feeling however we must decide what makes us happy. This has to do with our jobs as well as what we enjoy when not working.

I am amazed when I hear about those who are not happy with their job and they have been working the same place for many years. I know that often people stay at the job because they make good money and will get a nice pension as well. In this case they have to decide to find a way to be happy on the job. I know it can be stressful to when a job isn’t what you enjoy at all. I am sure most jobs even the ones you don’t like have good aspects to them as well so I would focus on the areas that can make you happy if the plan is to stay with that job.

I believe the area of life that should be the happiest is our family life. I know to that at times things at home can be hard to deal with as well. Like I have heard several times is not to take your job home with you. I am sure at times that is where stress and discomfort at home can happen because of work. I am not saying it is easy but I know those who decide not to take work home with them. I am not sure whether that is a good idea or not. I believe couples should talk over how each of their days has been. Keeping things inside of us without sharing with others especially those close to us is not good either.

Another thing if it is hard to be happy at work when the weekend comes I believe it is a good idea to get away once in a while. Sometimes as a family and other times as a couple; the most important thing is do what you think will make you happy.

We have to remember that life is really short so the more we can choose to be happy the better off we will be. Even the job you enjoy once in a while can be difficult so it is important to keep a positive attitude as well. Since we are here to make a difference and having a purpose being happy has to be part of the equation. I am not here to say that I have all the answers about anything even being happy but we must do all we can to do so. Next time you go to work even though you believe the day will difficult be happy. Start the day by smiling at your co-workers and laugh especially about those things that are going to difficult. End here wishing you a great day.

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