Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I believe there are two different types of dreaming. The primary one is what we do at night and the other is our desires on what we want to do with our lives. When we are dreaming or thinking when we grow up we want to be this or that like a fireman or doctor.  I actually wanted to be a sportscaster myself and actually went to school for two years in being a broadcaster and my first job as an adult was working at a radio station. Although I didn’t really have the talent to go along ways in the business of radio at least I gave it a shot. Actually I probably do a lot better now then way back when. I have done some acting in plays and speaking in front of groups so much more comfortable at it and able to get across my message. I admire those who are working jobs that they dreamed about as a kid. It doesn’t all have to be about a job though you should look back and look at your dreams and desires. If you still have any interests in them go for it.

In regards to the dreams that we all have at night I don’t really remember most of mine. I did research on dreams and I found out that is very common. We seldom remember dreams and if we do because we woke up during the dream. Also it is possible that we remember the dream for a few seconds as well and then they are forgotten. On average we have three to five dreams a night. Most likely later the dream the better chance we will remember them too. They say to that the content and purpose of dreams is not understood though currently the belief is that dreams may occur to solve a problem that you have been thinking about. So my suggestion if you do remember several of your dreams over time to think about whether there is anything in common with them or they are just random. So if there is a common theme to your dream you maybe being told without realizing there is something for you to do. It could be your unconscious mind is telling you something that you already know and it is confirming it. 

Like I have said I don’t really remember any of my dreams however I am going to do a test to see if I can remember more of them. When I go to bed I am going to ask my mind to recall at least one of my dreams during the night. The dreams may be telling me something to do or confirming that I am going in the right direction already. Anyway sweet dreams.

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