Sunday, October 23, 2016

Enjoying People

I have to say that I enjoy being around people. It seems to be foreign to most people though. I like all types of people at all ages. It does not mean that they like me in return; most people like those that are most like them. It can be the color of their skin, personality or enjoy the same things in life.

I find it interesting in meeting all kinds of people. The truth is most people are not like me so why search out for them. The world would be a better place if the majority of the people were like me however that is not really going to happen. I am sure you feel the same way.

When I go out for my daily walking I notice a lot of people walking with their dogs. Of course dogs need their exercise much as people do. My impression is that a lot of people or I have to say dog owners like their dogs more than other people. I don’t have a dog so I can’t say that. I actually like dogs though I don’t have one. It takes a commitment to have a dog which I don’t have at this time. I enjoy being around dog owners and their dogs. I understand why people like their dogs because dogs like people and that is not the case with all of us people; however, when you see a dog approach another dog it is a lot like us though they don’t like each other sometimes. I am sure that dogs think of people in the same manner that we like them. They enjoy the fact that their owner takes very good care of them and will feed them to along with these lovely walks. I do get some friendly responses from dog owners but on the other hand some ignore me. I figure it is because they don’t like other people in general just their dog. Regardless I still like them anyway. We can get into cat owners and the other animal owners but that may take way to long for you to read so we will leave it right here.

I have to say probably a major reason I like people a lot though the affection for me is not going to return in some cases is that other people are why I have a purpose and destiny. People are the ones that I have a purpose for. It is the reason that I write and post here on a daily basis for others to be encouraged especially those who are hurting. I would not be surprised that dog owners who don’t care much for other people the reason they were hurt by others over the years and they get unconditional love from their dogs. I have to say though I may not agree with them but I do understand where they are coming from. I have been hurt by people over the years however I have learned to forgive. This is the key to really enjoy other people. Most of us do not get accepted in the manner we would really like to be so we must accept that and enjoy people under the circumstances we are in. Even we feel that we are being ignored by others important to put a smile on our faces anyway. Who knows the tide could shift the other way where more people will actually like us or at the very least dream about. So regardless you do have a friend in me besides your dog or cat or fish or whatever animal that lives with you.

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