Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

Here we are again the beginning of the holiday season starting off with Halloween. I want to wish everyone a happy Halloween. I especially want to say hello to those who do not believe or celebrate Halloween. It is OK not to believe in it at the same time allowing those who do have an enjoyable time.

I remember really enjoying going trick-or-treating as a kid around the neighborhood well as going to school in a costume. These days we don’t have many kids if any at all coming to the door. Often I leave candy outside the door. There have been years when I was out visiting friends for Halloween. I make sure there is candy though I know likely no one will come. Here in Gig Harbor now the children go downtown to celebrate Halloween after getting out of school. It is really a great way to celebrate Halloween without fear that something may happen with the children and they get to spend time with their friends showing off their costumes. Some do go out trick-or-treating when they are done. Many of the homes in the downtown area get visitors that way along with their own neighborhoods.

Last year was real nice because my sister Barb was in town. We went to friends of our mother’s who traditionally had the Great Pumpkin for children to enjoy. They have moved so no longer doing the tradition. I am sure the children who visited over the years will miss seeing the Great Pumpkin.

I always enjoy seeing how creative people can be at work and out in the community in their costumes. It was always great to see who got the award for the best and scariest costumes. Of course seeing the little children in their costumes is adorable too. I will see what I can do this year to enjoy Halloween. So everyone enjoy this wonderful day even those who don’t celebrate it. Happy Halloween!!

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