Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sleep Disorder

The older you get the more you have to deal with medical issues. Recently I have felt real tired early in the day. It hasn’t affected me when I have gone on my walks. In other words I haven’t had breathing problems while walking.

Tonight I will be tested while sleeping to see if I have a sleeping disorder. My brother had this procedure done a few years back because of his snoring. I don’t have that same problem. If I do snore it is very infrequently. My cardiologist was the one that recommended me in getting this procedure done. It could be that my heart is affecting my sleep pattern so we will see.

They used to have this procedure done in a hospital or medical clinic however it is now more commonly done where you go and get the equipment the day before. So in a few hours I will be stopping by to get the equipment to put on. They will show me how to install it for tonight and then wear throughout my sleeping time. I will then return it tomorrow morning and then they get back to me with the results in a few days. I have had similar procedures like this concerning my heart so the only thing I have to do is be sure that I get enough sleep in the night. The insurance companies are the ones recommending this being done where we sleep in our own bed. They feel the results are more conclusive this way because in the past where you stayed overnight there was a good possibility the patient would not have accurate results. In my case this is can be true because I usually don’t sleep well in a strange bed the first night. Like most procedures I can still feel nervous about what the results will show. I hope that all I need to do in the future is taking fewer naps.

In news around here in Western Washington this weekend we are expected to have the largest storm in over fifty years.  The heavy rains have already started while the wind may come in tonight or tomorrow. We could end up losing electricity along with trees coming down and flooding in the rivers. The storm is expected to be mostly on the coast and north of Seattle so we could miss the strong winds here in Gig Harbor area. I ask for prayer that the damage would be minimal and that no one would lose their lives over the storm.

In the meantime I will have positive thoughts concerning my procedure and the storm. Everyone have a wonderful day until next time I write here.

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