Friday, October 21, 2016

Walking in the Rain

                                             Enjoy the puddle!!

 Walking or singing in the rain is romantic while yelling sounds pretty good too. Drowning in the rain doesn’t feel so good though. Last week I mentioned that it was going to be heavy winds along with the rain here in the northwest. The heavy winds pretty much did not materialize except in a few spots especially on the coast and north of Seattle. There was a little damage in places along with losing electricity however the report of heavy winds didn’t happen.

The rain has continued to be hard most of this week. The average rain fall in the Seattle area is about five inches in October but this year it is about seven inches already with ten days remaining.

Last week before the rain came I went out and bought a new neon yellow rain jacket. I have received a lot of comments about the jacket. For example, “Herb are you there?”  I had a blue jacket but it was hard to see me when it got dark out. Now everyone can see me that I am for sure or at least the jacket anyway. It was time that I bought another jacket anyway.

On my next agenda is to go out and buy a pair of boots. My shoes get a bit wet in the rain. I do have a pair of boots that I can wear if I have to but they are a bit tight so I need to buy the next size up. I have realized that when it comes to buying shoes the next size up works out really well. Also I have found that to be true when it comes to shirts as well. Depending where you go for shirts the size I have been getting does not fit. Oh yes I haven’t gain any weight. In fact I am trying to diet where those shirts will fit in the future.

Anyway back to walking in the rain.  I have found myself doing my daily walking when it is not raining. Although we have had a lot of rain the last week there has been times where sun breaks have come out too. A lot of the heavy rain has been going on during the night and in the morning so the afternoons have had the sun breaks. I figure though I take the chance then to walk. Yesterday was one of those days I could walk in the sun break for the full time. Earlier in the week I walked until the rain started happening and then I turned around to go back to my destination. I was lucky that it did not rain hard until I did get back. This new rain jacket really helps out in the heavy rain though the shoes don’t that is for sure. The parking lot where I leave my car at the water looks like a river or at the least a small stream so I have to be careful walking over not to get shoes to wet and that I don’t fall over; also not to get spray from other cars.

Depending exactly where you live here in Western Washington the average yearly rain fall is between 35 and 40 inches. So you see it averages about the same across all of USA though we are known for having rain. A lot of the rain happens in the fall and winter so it is quite deceiving. Anyway enjoy your walks especially those romantic ones in the rain.

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