Thursday, October 20, 2016

Having Hope

 Regardless what happened yesterday we now have a new day. This means we can have hope. Today allows us to start over. We may feel that things are not different from yesterday but really we do have the chance to have new hope.

A major player in this new hope is forgiveness. This pertains to forgive another person that has wronged us or forgiving ourselves. Often forgiving ourselves is harder to do than the other person. When I was thinking about this I had a situation come up from a long time ago. Actually it was back in Junior High. I am sure everyone remembers those wonderful days. I was in a situation that had to do with bullying. Without getting into full details I had forgiven those other guys involved in the bullying but I had not forgiven myself. A lot of situations back in those days I have forgiven others and myself but I must not have in this case or it would not have come into my mind. In fact I don’t even remember who was even involved in the bullying. I did not participate in the bullying however I should have stopped it from happening. Now I can forgive myself that gives me more freedom and hope. Lack of hope means that we are not free in our spirit; we are not the person we actually need to be. I am sure there are other situations that I need to forgive and give hope in but I can check this one off the list.  Forgiveness does not necessarily mean that I forget the situation but I have taken care of it.

So whatever happened yesterday or in the past forgive others and yourself. Remember that none of us is perfect. We all make mistakes and it is important not to hold grudges or bitterness. This will give us hope that we can live with today. I am sure we will make mistakes today however we can the hope we all desire to have and freedom to live. Let’s not beat up on ourselves or others. Be the best person we can be today. Also remember tomorrow will take care of itself as well.

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