Saturday, November 12, 2016


I have to say this goes beyond grandparents however I feel they are important part of family. I unfortunately did not get to know my grandparents much as I would have liked to since they left so early in my life.

Grandmother Nightingale died when I was thirteen months old, and then my grandfather Shaw passed away when I was four so I didn’t know them at all.  I know that some people remember others at a young age but since I was burned when I was four years old I don’t have any memories of any time before that.  My grandfather Nightingale died when I was nine. I do remember some things about him but less as time goes on. He lived with my family so I do have some memories of him after the age of four but still very few. I remember that he smoked a pipe and that he gave me cod-liver oil along with fig newton bars. He lived down in the basement so would visit him there. My grandmother Shaw passed away when I was thirteen so I have memories of her as well. She lived in Vancouver, British Columbia during her last years after being in Edmonton, Alberta when I was born. I mostly remember her when we took a trip across Canada when I was twelve. We actually met up with her in Nova Scotia when we met a couple of her sisters as well. The only time we met with them. We did visit her several times in Vancouver as well. She was a kind and generous woman who loved to do outdoor activities.

So what I am saying is that is important to spend as much time with your grandparents as you can because you are not sure how long they will be around. Appreciate and learn as much from them as you can. If you have your grandparents sticking around longer than mine did I consider you very blessed. My nephews and niece are very fortunate that my mother their grandmother is still around into their adulthood. Three of my nephews and niece are fortunate that their other grandmother is still around as well though her health isn’t as good as it once was. My mother has excellent health for her age of 96.

So it is not only important to spend as much time with your grandparents or even great grandparents if they are around as well you have the privilege of knowing them very well and have great memories when they leave. I have to say the same thing about your parents along with aunts and uncles as well.

You have a double blessing if you all live close to each other as well. See most of my nephews and niece live on the East Coast so I don’t have the chance to see them as often as I would like. This means I really appreciate it when I do see them.
The modern technology of today we can actually see more of our family and friends that are distance away. We can talk with them anytime especially through smart phones, tablets and other devices seeing them in real time as well. When we are not available for real time we have option of videos that can be shown on social media or email. I recommend though to schedule a time that is consistent every week or twice a month. I know that everyone has a busy schedule so setting up a time that you can stick too is a good way to go.  When you have the opportunity sure to make a visit; enjoy one another even when you’re not together and far away. No matter what family and close friends is the most important part of life.      

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