Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Learning From Coaches

                 Quarterback Russell Wilson and Head Coach Pete Carroll of Seattle Seahawks

So many households today don’t have fathers around. I have to commend mothers for the job of raising children mostly on their own however there are men that can be role models and help out the mothers.

Whether you have a father around or not coaches can be a good role model for both boys and girls to learn from. Not only teaching the sport that they love and are coaching but everyday life as well; I still remember the men who coached me whether it was in little league or school basketball team. Fortunately I was blessed to have a wonderful however it was nice to see other men that I could learn from as well. They can be tough at the same willing to take their time to spend with you and other young men. Each did it a different way but I learned to respect them as well. Like my dad most are either gone now or I don’t see anymore. My old high school basketball coach I run into him once in a while usually at the grocery store. We usually greet each other and talk a little about the old days along with what is happening today. He was a school counselor to so he knew how to relate to young men and women. He has two sons of his own as well. I expect that he now is a grandfather and enjoy doing that well too.

Besides these men that the young men and women can learn from are those coaches like Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll. He is one dealing with adult men coming from all sorts of places. Some have wonderful fathers while others may not have had fathers around at all. He not only works with them being their boss but encouraging them to be the best they can be. This is where we can be far as being champions and living the life of destiny. Learning from coaches that have been successful on the field; not all successful coaches are good men however I say the majority likely are. They are men who know how to make the best out of those who coaches. Football especially is a team sport where teammates have to rely on one another. This is important for the coach to teach on how to be a winning and successful team. The Seahawks have been to two Super Bowls winning the first one and just narrow losing the second under Pete Carroll. It is as important to learn when losing much as it is in winning. Most winning teams have had experience in losing to. This is where to rise up and become champions is through some losing as well. The important thing is to see where you must be to become champions. Remember that there are those who want to be in the same place as you.  Look toward those who spend the time with you and be good friends like being your teammate. Also look at the younger generation who can use your help to become the best they can be too.

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