Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mountain Passes Start To Open

Though the calendar says that winter doesn’t start for another three weeks or so the mountain passes here in Western Washington have already gotten a nice amount of snow; in fact enough to open up for skiing already.
The last several years’ winter weather hasn’t been normal so the skiing season has been limited. Last year the mountains had enough snow in mid to late December for skiing however for a few previous years there wasn’t enough snow to have a ski season. Not good for those who rely on a good ski season for livelihood.

I don’t ski at all though I enjoy when it does snow. Here in the mainland we haven’t had a lot of snow either for the last several years. If we get a couple inches we have been lucky. I am sure most people are fine with it however I would like to see some snow. This year they are talking about it being colder than normal temperatures with more rain fall as well. It would be nice to have at least one good snow this winter.  Most people are not prepared for snow and don’t like driving in it either. The main problem is that we have a lot of hills so snow makes it inconvenient. I don’t mind that for a few days. Usually when we get snow it doesn’t stay around very long anyway which for me is a disappointment though I will enjoy it for the few days it does stick around. I live near the highway where it is more flat so I don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the snow unlike those who do live on the hills.

I do hope that we get some snow so I can send you pictures. It looks beautiful here when it snows but not a good enough reason for most around here I guess. My feeling it is a good reason to stay home when it snows and you can have a nice fire. A good way to spend time indoors playing cards or being on the internet long as the electricity doesn’t go out at the same time.

I haven’t been up to the mountain passes for the last several years however this year I may have to take a trip if for no other reason to take pictures for you all to see; so in the future you can come visit us in the winter time and put on your ski boots.

Although we don’t get a lot of snow here in the mainland I like the fact that we do have four seasons unlike some other areas of the country. Some retirees here though head to Arizona and California for the winter. For me I like it when we do get a lot of rain. Though I like the sun the rain is a good change. I appreciate the sun more when it doesn’t come out for several days. Another thing is I am still dreaming of a White Christmas. We have had a few times where the snow has come the day after Christmas but not on the day. I know that I can go to the mountain passes for Christmas but what is the fun of that when the snow doesn’t come to my neighborhood. Whatever the weather is in your area have a fantastic holiday season.

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