Friday, November 25, 2016

The Day After

I always find the day after a holiday very interesting. It is nice to see other people that I don’t see on the holiday. I am thankful to call them my friends as well.

Most people take the day after Thanksgiving off as well so makes it a four day weekend. The stores call this Black Friday where you can get pretty good deals on selling items. Many of the items you have to get up pretty early because the sale is only for a few hours and likely the item you are looking for will not be available either even when arriving during the sale time later. I have never gone in on a Black Friday before however I have heard it can be very crazy in the store. People will line up early to get the item they want especially if it is very desirable like a new cell phone.

The only reason I would go in early on a Black Friday be to watch all the other people. It would be interesting to see how crazy people actually do when shopping. I guess I would have to buy something to make the experience worthwhile. Many of the items can be quite expensive any way so I would buy something for myself. It may seem selfish but why would I buy something expensive for someone else unless it was for my wife (I am still waiting for) or for use by the whole family.

It is nice to think this morning about all the people I am thankful for besides just on Thanksgiving Day.  I had a very nice meal with the people had dinner with. We each had to tell our names and one word what we are thankful for. Not everyone at the dinner I knew however they are very nice people. My mother and I spent Thanksgiving dinner with other people at her church. Those who had no place to go or wanted to spend time with a group. There were about twenty people in attendance for this fine dinner.  Turkey and mashed potatoes were provided while everyone brought a dish of their own. So there were different styles of stuffing. Also a lot of pumpkin pie was brought along with a couple of other types of pie. No problem having a good dessert along with the main dinner. I took a breather before having a small piece of pie. It was nice to spend a Thanksgiving dinner with nice people who I could get to know better.

The weather in Gig Harbor is usually quite wet on and around Thanksgiving. It was not a disappointment once again since it rained all day long. Depending where you were located the rain ranged from a half an inch to two inches. November you see has more rain than any other month of the year. Other word indoors is a place that people spend a lot of time at in November; great for the stores to shop in and the coffee shops.

Continue to be thankful today and enjoy your wonderful weekend.

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