Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas To All

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Those who do not celebrate Christmas because of religion or non-religion have a blessed day.

I always enjoy hearing what others do on this day because there is so many different ways to do so. My brother Jack his family celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah because his wife is Jewish. This year he is spending Christmas Day at his brother-in-law so they will be doing both. My niece Leslie and her husband will fly to Minnesota in the afternoon to spend with his family. My nephew Ian is spending Christmas in New York with his wife Helen and her family. They were married in August so this is big deal now for Christmas. Like so many Christmas is spent at different locations.

I remember as a kid we would get up in the morning on Christmas to open presents and later go to Seattle to our cousins where we would open more presents. I really enjoyed doing that for sure.  Usually we opened the stockings while our parents were getting up. My brothers and I would go into their bedroom to wake them up. We would not open presents until they came out but were allowed to open our stockings that had some goodies in it. Some years I remember I found it hard to sleep so Christmas morning seemed to take forever to get there. In fact a couple times I had to keep my eyes closed because I didn’t want Santa Claus catch me awake so I couldn’t get presents.

Regardless of how you spend December 25 the most important thing is to do so with family or friends. My mother and I will be going out for dinner at restaurant. Not easy to find one because most are closed for Christmas. I hope that they are serving Turkey since that is the tradition I am used to. Just like Thanksgiving I enjoy a good Turkey dinner. I enjoy hearing to what others have for dinner this day. It varies as much as the rest of the traditions of Christmas. So again whatever your plans for this fine day may you be very blessed.

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