Saturday, December 24, 2016

Silent Night

I heard several days ago that Silent Night was the most favorite Christmas song by those that were polled. I am not surprised at all. The church I grew up and my mother still attends St. John’s Episcopal Church in Gig Harbor, Washington Silent Night has been sung every Christmas Eve services since I can remember. It is the last song sung as well and the lights are turned off.

My dad never went to church most of the time even at Christmas time however he decided to one of the last years of his life. I had never heard him sing my whole life. Mother said that he used to sing in a local community choir but he came down sick around the time I was born and never sang again. During this Christmas Eve service he didn’t sing any of the Christmas songs but at the end of the service when Silent Night was sung he joined in and sang. I could not believe it and he sound good to me. I cried to myself because I could not believe my ears. This was the only time that I ever heard him sing. He never sang another song except Silent Night that night. Later on I told my mother, sister and brothers that dad had song that night. Mother was in the choir so she didn’t hear him sing. I don’t know why but maybe he was inspired by God sing to his son. I hope someday to have the answer. The words may have started out Silent Night my dad’s singing voice came alive. I am sure that many people have had experiences like that sometime in their lives. I have to say nothing like it and I think about every year at this time  and sometimes other times of the year. Dad your family misses you however thank you for giving me such a fine gift. I am sure you now are singing in the presence of the Almighty God.

Silent Night is a great song that millions enjoy singing every year. Be blessed by this wonderful song this year. Merry Christmas!

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