Friday, December 30, 2016

Two Days Left

We have two days left in 2016. I am sure there are those that really celebrate New Year’s and look forward to the New Year. I am not one of those people though. I usually stay home for New Year’s and consider it just another day. This year being on a Sunday my church will have a potluck that night. Nothing is planned for me on New Year’s Eve though however if something comes up I will do something anyway.

I know that there are those who set New Year’s resolutions but not one of those either. The closest is dedicating the year to become a better person along with what I did mention a couple days ago about pressing on and commitment.

The important thing is for all of us to make every day special and not make one better than another.  I do know most people who celebrate New Year’s because use it as a good excuse to party and drink. I enjoy parties however I don’t usually drink or very little.

I hope that everyone makes the best of these last two days to become better people and bring the New Year in with the right approach. Also enjoy your family and friends which I believe is the best thing to do anyway.  If you are starting a new job or moving this coming 2017 I wish you the very best too. May your dreams come true in 2017. Happy holiday’s to us all.

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