Monday, December 12, 2016

We Can Do It

I figure that our theme for 2016 should be titled “We can do it”. Although I am sure most of us are not where we feel we should be however we are closer this year than last.

I hope that more of us will be doing our purposes next year.  I title our theme for 2017 “Pressing on in our lives”.  This way we not only believe in ourselves we are doing all we can do. We are helping others to discover their purpose and destiny along with our own.

The most important thing to realize is that we realize it is OK when we do some stumbling. Every true champion has a set back at some point or other and it is fine. We will learn more from the setbacks than we do from all our successes. Yes we will have success but the troubles we go through will make our lives better as well. The importance is to learn from our failures as well as the successes.

This could feel like hype but it is not true. I am not an expert by any means because I am at the same place as everyone else is if not a little below.

Another importance is to have faith in ourselves as well as others. We are here for everyone we meet regardless how they may feel about us. We may get rejected but there are those out in the world that will believe in us. Spend us much time with those who believe in us however do not let those who reject us not be part of our lives. About those who do reject us is for them not to have influence over us and keep us on our purposes.

Most of all purpose and destiny makes our lives fulfilling and exciting though not always feeling great but in the end we will receive our reward. Remember to keep a smile on your face for all to see. God bless you.

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