Friday, January 6, 2017

Choose It

You may wonder what I am talking about by the title. Usually I go directly with the title though this one is a bit different.

I believe that we must choose the direction we go at all times. This goes with enjoying life in my last blog.

I am not a counselor however I think it is important for us to decide what we can do in life. We can ask God for direction however he sometimes shows the way but allows us to make the decision ourselves. This is part of giving us free will. The only problem though we can get stuck by making the wrong decision. This is really where wisdom comes in.

I have mentioned before that we have the choice to be happy and this is where everything comes into our lives. We have to decide to be happy even when the circumstances don’t really seem to warrant happiness.

There are other things we can choose in our lives to. For example where we live and our job along with friends; the last is not always easy because sometimes we feel that choosing friends that are not really good for us. Those friends we go for because we feel that we don’t deserve any better friends which is not true at all. Important to find friends that will encourage and edify us. Those that will make us feel the way we ought to.

So whatever you have to decide on think things over first. I am sure everything will turn out right. God bless you!


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