Saturday, January 28, 2017

My Reflection

I look in the mirror at my reflection. I don’t look the same as years before. Fortunately no one really does unless they are really lucky that is. I look older now though not as much some other’s my age. Whether I look young for my age or for that matter around my age at least I am thankful for now that I don’t look older than my age.

I know that there are those around my age consider themselves old. Although I am close to being a senior citizen I don’t consider myself old. Probably the reason foremost is that my mother is ninety-six years old so that is old even though she is good for her age. The other thing is a feel good most of the time though a few aches and pains do happen time to time.

Although my reflection shows different I don’t consider myself close to my age. I am sure most of us think that way sometimes. We think of ourselves as though we may be in our twenties, thirties, or forties. Again we look in the mirror at that reflection wondering where the time has passed. For many my age they have grandchildren while I don’t have children at all. In the back on my mind not only has gone by fast what have I accomplished. I won’t go into details about that because I know my purpose and destiny is right on schedule I feel that I have a lot more to accomplish. Truly that is the most difficult part looking at my reflection that I do have more to do in this life and we all do no matter our age.

What makes this bring trouble to my mind is hearing and reading about other’s my age dying the last several years. I guess we could say that death doesn’t have respect for any of us regardless our age. So this shows for us to look into the mirror of our reflection each morning and speak out loud this is another day to accomplish a lot. Maybe I don’t look like I did ten or twenty or more years ago however I am more mature and I can accomplish the things that I probably should have done back then. Time to splash water on my face and say let’s go for it this is a day to do much for the world. Things will be good especially if the reflection doesn’t speak back. If so than I have something else to deal with. LOL. 

Life is a change each day however it is one to look straight on in the reflection to say yes.

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