Sunday, January 29, 2017

Let It Begin With Me

I can repeat myself about what is going on in the world and what I read on the social media. There are complaints about the new President and his administration that just began. I am sure those complaints people do really think strongly about. They may even feel valid but how true? The news media can put a spin of their own of what is happening too.

One thing I do know that the country needs change to happen. We can’t have national debt continue going higher and higher. I am sure it will take time for the debt to go down however something has to happen for it to so. The key is how we lower the debt without causing problems with necessary programs. For example, health insurance needs to stay on board because we know that if anyone of us has to spend any amount of time in the hospital we can’t afford to pay unless you are among the wealthy and I know that they don’t want to pay any more than the rest of us. Most of us could not pay a cost of a high medical bill. We may be able to pay the interest of the bill but debt still will be on the books so that is one important thing that can’t be reduced. In fact likely the costs will go up. I am sure there are other areas that are similar to health insurance however the government will have to figure how to lower the debt in other areas. I am sure those areas will not be easy either however necessary. At some point there will be those who will have to bite the bullet.  

So it all goes back to us where each one has to make a decision what to sacrifice and what to up for. Most of all recognizing what our purpose is and to act. If you don’t like the new administration don’t complain work the system to be changed. In the end it comes up for being ourselves. Not only knowing who we are but going out and discover more about ourselves; who knows one person could change the world.

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