Sunday, January 8, 2017

Overcoming Fear

On Saturday when I went to the coffee shop that I buy a drink at I ran into a group of guys from another church. They were meeting for several minutes in the conference room so signaled me to come in to spend time with them. This happened after I had talked to my brother on the phone like I do most Saturdays.

I have seen them in the coffee shop before and attended their meeting as well. There are half dozen men who meet around my same age and I have actually attended a previous church with three of the guys. Anyway they were sharing their lives about how things were going. The theme that came from all of them had to do with fear and how each one could overcome it.

I found it quite interesting because I have dealt with fear in my life as well. In fact I would have to say that most of us deal with fear at one time or another.  Fear could be in any form or situation. Often people have fear in sharing their lives with others especially in a group setting. Another fear can be sharing their faith with people on the streets or in a coffee shop wondering what reaction they may get.

One of the men Dan who I have known for many years was sharing when I went into the conference room. He talked about how for most of his life he did everything in the background. He was not a person who liked to be out in the forefront. This week he and his pastor spent time on a street corner holding signs that read they would pray for anyone who needed healing of any sorts.  They had to wait for several minutes however people did finally stop and ask for prayer. Dan said that he was released of fear by praying for those people. So not only people got prayer Dan received answer to prayer himself.

The reason I bring this all up is if we are meant to live a life of purpose and destiny we must get over fear ourselves. I am sure everyone has fear to some degree when it comes to talking with others. I have mentioned that I have talked to people in grocery stores that I don’t even know but it is not always easy. In fact it took me some time to do so. Like Dan to overcome this kind of fear is to go out and do something. This is true for someone like Dan who has spent most of their lives in the background. I am not saying it will be easy because it will not be but we must start somewhere.

So if you deal with fear find a way to overcome it. We all need to live a life where we feel free. We are people that have value in this world. It will take some time but we will be better people in the long run. God bless you!

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