Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Edifying People

The word edify in Greek means to build or construct so when it comes to people we can build each other up.

There are different ways that we can build or edify people. We can start out by telling them how much they mean to us. We can give them a hug or a kiss if you like or a smile.

I believe that everyone can use a good word spoken to them along with affection. I certainly know that I enjoy it when someone does it too me.

Another way is to give the other person attention. In this way they know that someone really cares for them. We all want to be loved and having others showing us in one manner makes our day.

There are many different words we can say to a person to edify them. We can tell them that they are kind and attractive. Being told that you are smart and have a lot to offer is a good thing to do as well.

Going to someone and get into conversation is another good way for them to feel better about themselves. You can do that at a coffee shop or grocery checkout line. You don’t have to know the person at all just let them know that you care in your own way.

I have an example where yesterday I was at my local coffee shop and I saw a woman that I have known for a long time though not a real close friend. I had heard that her son recently had a heart attack. So I went up to the table she was sitting at and greeted first with a hello to her and a couple other ladies. I let her know that I heard that her son had a heart attack and I was wondering how he was doing. She told me that he was doing much better and she appreciated that I cared. Things like that whether big or small are ways to edify people.

Whatever your purpose is in life edifying others should be part of the package. Whenever we do it for others we should be built up in return.

I have had times where I have gone in depression and discouragement. When I start encouraging others than the depression goes away because I am no longer thinking of myself. It is important to ask for help from others if they don’t realize that you are going through something. People do really care though they may not recognize that you are not doing well. After that they will build you up and encourage you. This will allow you to get back into strength and edify others too. Let life where helping others is something comes natural to you. It may not be easy at first however at time you will feel satisfied. Amen!

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