Monday, March 20, 2017

Going Wild

One of the worship songs at church on Sunday had the words going wild in the lyrics; made me think about saying something about it.

Often when we participate or we are fans of a particular sport or team we go wild or celebrate the victory. We may go to church or a religious institution or nothing at all in that matter however we only celebrate on Sunday if at all.

The lyrics of this song begins with come let me in. I wonder how many of us let God in on Sundays only and the other six days of the week we do our own thing. God isn’t even in our thoughts the other days except Sunday or in another way we have put him in a box.

It looks to me in this song the songwriter is saying that God wants us to allow him into our hearts and for many of us out of the box.

We allow God to be who he is and wants to be in our lives by living in our hearts we can have a wild life. Not only can we be excited when our favorite teams win we can be excited a lot of the time. We can so be that our lives will never be the same again.

You see God has given each of us free will so he will only enter in if we give him permission to do so. Although he loves us a whole lot he will not interfere in our lives unless we ask him to do so. Often we talk to God when things are going wrong and we want him to fix them. So let’s go wild and see what God can do in our lives every day and not just on Sundays. He may surprise us a lot and the thing is we will benefit from him being with us every day. Who better to have on our side than the creator and ruler of the universe. Something for all of us to think about that is for sure. Amen!

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