Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Put Our Mind To It!

                                                        Relax by the Mountain Stream

When it comes to our lives often we have to put our mind to it for us to succeed. The trouble we have is not having faith or not believing in ourselves enough. This is where everything begins for us to succeed in anything we do.

The important thing is that God has given us the tools to succeed. We have to realize what the right tools to be used in the right circumstances are. For example if we have a plumbing problem it is important to have the right tools to fix it or hire someone that has the right tools along with the experience. We may have adequate tools but they could take us a lot longer to finish the job when we should get the proper tools to finish the job a lot faster.

We may not realize that we have the tools to get the job completed however God does and he will have them available when we need them. All we need to do is ask him for the tools when the time comes and the wisdom to use them as well in the proper way. This is where we put our mind in action. The first thing we must do is ask and have the faith along with belief. This is hard when we are trying to accomplish a task that we have never done before. The amazing thing though is when we finish a task that we have never done before. We can be excited and to know that next time God will give us another task we can complete it as well.

This is what so exciting about life is doing something we have never done before and completed it. This is really true when a friend is going through a problem and asks for our assistance even if it is just to pray for them. I know that I have gone through experiences like this and when the task is completed I think to myself wow did I really do that. The truth is that God did it through us. You see we are God’s handyman and he wants to use us as often as possible. All we have to do be is available and he will do the rest. It doesn’t matter how big or small the task is we are available to get it done. In many cases he has given us the tools to complete the task we just put our minds to it and say yes. Try it sometime you may surprise yourself. Also tell others how God used you to do something that you have never done before. You may give them the faith and belief to do it too.

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