Thursday, March 16, 2017

Travel to Canada

There is something I really like about traveling. I have had to admit that I haven’t done as much as I have liked to do. I hope in the future to be part of my purpose and destiny. I know that sounds weird but true at the same time.

If you go back and read one of my early posts you will find that when I was twelve years old our family spends the summer traveling through all of Canada and eastern United States. It was an experience I have never forgotten. My mother grew up in Edmonton, Alberta so most of my relatives on her side of the family live in Canada and my sister Barb has lived a lot of her life in Quebec and works in Ottawa, Ontario.

I would love to travel again to the places we saw that summer when I was twelve. I am sure my perspective would be different than I was back then. We made stops in every province of Canada including all those on the east coast like Nova Scotia and Prince Edwards Island. My mother’s mother grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia while my grandfather was in Montreal. They met in Alberta. My grandfather was a banker while my grandmother was a school teacher. She was asked to come out West to be a teacher. I have only been to Edmonton once and that was as a little child. It would be really nice to go visit to see where my mother and her siblings grew up.

Although it would be nice to see the snow of winter in Edmonton it gets quite cold that time of the year so I most likely visit in late spring, summer or early fall.

A great route is to travel along the Trans-Canada. You can visit all the major cities like Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.  I would love to spend time on Vancouver Island. I was talking with a friend the other day where we agreed it would be easy to spend a couple months on the Island if the time was available.  If you are fishermen there are a lot of nice places to fish. You will find a lot of people traveling with their motor homes. What a life I have to say.

I believe that the United States has the most beautiful national anthem in the world however Canada’s is a very close second. When I hear either one tears sometimes comes to me. I am not familiar with the other nation anthems however I would like to listen to them. I am sure they are all very beautiful as well. There is nothing like being proud of where we were born even though the country may be far from being perfect.

Oh Canada I look forward to seeing your beauty once again in the near future. If my plans work out I hope to visit in August or September. I will see my cousins in British Columbia and smell that great fresh air and look forward to meet people on the journey. Travel you indeed to be part of my destiny.

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