Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Being One Together

When a team in any sport become champions it means that not only are they really good but they have a spirit of being one together.

Although we haven’t met I believe that all of us here have the same spirit. We may have a different purpose and destiny we have the same spirit to press on to meet what we want to accomplish just like any championship team.

Some of us may be mentors while others are managers where we work but we want to lift up those that are around us. We want others to be successful in whatever they are into. You may be a player on a team where you are just one of the guys however you see yourself going further. The important part is accomplishing your purpose and destiny along with making sure those around you does the same.

The important thing is to be the best that you can be however making sure those you encourage will be even better. So many people feel that they have to get where they want to be by jumping through many hoops. In our case is to forget what want and making sure others get where they need to be. We are successful because those around us are successful. It all has to do with our attitude much as anything. In the end it has to be denying our self for the better good. We are a team of champions who know what they want and the same spirit to get there. Hooray!  

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