Saturday, April 22, 2017

Being a Caregiver

There are those who are caregivers as professional while others like me take care of one or both of their parents. Not an easy task for sure.

My mother and I live together where I cook all the meals and make sure she is OK including putting on her socks and shoes. Also I take her to doctor appointments, the pharmacy as needed and to her other places that she enjoys social contact like church and playing bridge.

I am fortunate that my mother is in good health in general. She sometimes forgets things but not much for someone her age of ninety-six.  I know that things could get worse down the road so I am ready for that. Patience has to be at work and I am glad that she thanks me for helping her out. I would do so even if she didn’t say the words but makes it a lot easier for sure.

I know others who have taken care of a parent or both as well. They had difficulty in some cases where the parent was much worse off.  I know someone who lost both of her parents last month. They passed away within a couple weeks of each other. Not only were they living together she was working a full time job as well. I don’t know as a fact however I am sure she had someone come in and watch her parents when was at work. Taking care of her parents had to be a much more emotional experience than mine. Her parent’s poor health began within the last three years. Her son was married three and a half years ago. They both were doing fine at the time so it had to be sad things happen so quickly. I am sure now that both parents are gone she is in a transition period along with grief. I know that someday I will go through the same thing.

Though my mother’s health is good for her age I am sure that she would have to be living in an assisted living place this time. Over the last year she fell on her head once in the bathroom and the other in her bedroom. If I hadn’t been there her first episode most likely would have killed her because she was bleeding very badly and I had to stop the bleeding before calling 911. There is a nice assisted living that is very close to where we live however the cost staying there is quite expensive.  I recommend that everyone get insurance that will cover extensive health like staying in assisted living or a nursing home.

Though being a caregiver isn’t easy some of the time it is rewarding to take care of my mother. We are closer than we were at one time and I know to that my sister and brother who live on the east coast appreciate what I do for her. If you can be a caregiver I would recommend that you do so. The situation works where you can’t be a caregiver I would visit your parent as often as you can be. Not an easy life getting older. Remember to that someday you may be in the same situation and you would like to have a love one be around.  

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