Sunday, April 30, 2017

Being Positive

 What does it mean to be positive? I have to say there are several aspects to being positive.

We can speak words of encouragement to everyone we meet. We can think positive and live a life of being positive. Not an easy task all the time because things happen that gets in our way. For example other people in the work who have a negative attitude, our health and negative circumstances are among things that keep us from being positive. You may end up running late for work and a car accident happens in from of you that makes you even later for work or even worse you are in the accident or your car breaks down or you have a flat tire. A nice way for the day to begin and if you are a positive person in your mind you are thinking that the day will get better. At work throughout the day things happen that are not good and angry customers. At lunch and breaks you are thinking positive than things continue to go wrong. Being a normal person you may go home angry however you a positive person you think when getting off work the day is over and everything will be better until you find that you locked your keys in the car. Fortunately I don’t have to worry about that because my car won’t lock without having  the keys in my possession however the car may not start either and you have to call AAA for tow truck. A positive person will think “oh well I know tomorrow will be better and what I have learned today?” Most likely you may have learned patience at least anyway.

Having faith will allow us to be positive no matter what the circumstances we live in. Not an easy task for sure and often you need to have the right personality to pull it off. Other words you may have to laugh off those negative things that happen and choose to have a smile on your face.

What makes this difficult to do being positive is that there is so much negativity going around. What I like about the coffee shop that I go to is that the baristas are smiling and warm most of the time. I am sure they have their moments when things are going wrong but most of the time they have a positive approach to their jobs. Most of them are in school going for a career in something other than coffee so they have a busy life but doesn’t keep themselves from not being positive.

So what does it take to be positive? Practice, practice and more practice. Being positive is not an easy thing to be all the time. Sometimes it may take us to go off somewhere and scream or laugh. Being positive is not taking us too serious. For some that is hard thing to do as well. I would begin with meditating on positive things. Like I say it will take practice to get positive most of the time.  I know for me being positive is a new approach. Around people I can feel positive however being by myself is another ball game for sure. I want to be positive wherever I am. I will let you know how it goes and best to you as well.

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