Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Canada’s 150th Anniversary

This year Canada celebrates their one hundred and fifty years. I remember as a young child celebrating one hundred years. Our family took a trip across Canada in 1967. We stopped in every province of Canada. We left the day after school was let out for the summer and returned home two weeks before school resumed in early September. In those day’s school ended early June. If you like I wrote early posts about our trip so I am sure you go back in the archives you will have a good time enjoying reading them.

It would be nice to go back and visit the places we did in 1967. I hope to do so sometime in the future. This would be a great year to do so but I will have to wait. I am sure there is a lot going in Canada to celebrate the 150 years. Going to Ottawa, Ontario the capital of Canada and visit some of the museums especially about the history of Canada would be a good thing to do.

All the national parks across Canada are free to visit this year. I remember enjoying Banff National Park in Alberta back in 1967. I am sure the name was what first made me wanting to see Banff. Also not too far in distance is Jasper National Park as well.

On our trip in 1967 we visited Montreal and spent time at Expo. I don’t remember a lot about the time spent at Expo other than being in line for at least a couple hours to see an exhibit. Of course while my parents were in line my younger brother Jack and I would run around letting off our energy. Boys had to be boys. Also we met and spent time with our Aunt Judy. She was my mother’s older sister and she taught nursing at Mc Gill University in Montreal.

We really enjoyed the whole trip across Canada. Besides Ottawa and Montreal I enjoyed Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. I especially enjoyed Peggy’s Cove where my brothers and I walked on the rocks. This is where I would really like to visit once again.

So if you have any time to visit this year I recommend spending time in Canada. I am sure you will have a grand time.

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