Thursday, April 27, 2017

Comes to Prayer

When it comes to prayer everyone has their only way of doing so. A lot has to do with their religion or relationship with God. Often people pray when they need something or someone close to them while others pray consistently. Also prayer can depend on how you were raised as well.

I believe prayer should be consistent and be more than about us, family and friends. It is important to pray for those close to us however for others who we may not know at all.

Like I wrote about being grateful it is easy to put off praying to. Often we pray when things are going bad for us or for those close to us. We do it for selfish reasons most of the time. I am not saying that is bad because it is actually a good thing however we need to pray all the time. Prayer actually comes down to talking with God and that is what he wants from us. He wants relationship with all people and prayer is the avenue we take. Although we can talk with God as though he is our best friend prayer is where most people feel comfortable in talking with him.

We can begin with prayer about ourselves and those close to us but go further. If you are not sure what to pray about begin with the Lord’s Prayer. If you are not sure how it goes you can always do a search for Lord’s Prayer and it should not be difficult to find. Also the Lord’s Prayer begins with “Our Father who art in heaven”.  The Lord’s Prayer can always be a good way to start praying. Jesus Christ asked his disciples to start praying this way.

Besides praying for our needs and those we know I believe it is important that God uses us to get his work done. Other words ask him what you can do. This is part of our purpose and destiny. In fact it is a major part of it.

When you pray consistently than you can ask others if you can pray for them too; I am sure most people would appreciate it when someone ask if they can pray for them. Prayer can be honest and talking with your best friend. This is what God wants. Also he will answer all prayers that are truly honest from the heart. In the end you will be closer to God.

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