Tuesday, April 25, 2017

In the Music

 On Sunday morning I woke up thinking about music. Although I don’t play an instrument and when I did try as a child the trumpet I wasn’t very good at music has always been a part of me. I sang in high school choir for three years along with church choir for a long time.

Music to me is in my bones. The beat keeps going on and on. Reminds me of the Sonny Cher song “the beat goes on” and worship time at church is always feels great to me. So yes music is a part of my being. It amazes me when I see those who can play multiple instruments and they have a lovely voice.

What this brings to me though the words of music in my bones came over me for several minutes it can be for others as well for me. In the early Sunday afternoon I was lying on the bed with my legs in a partial up position. I started singing with an original tune “go to the mountain”. It sounded so good that I thought it would be nice to go there. The mountain feels close to me in some ways like music. I feel closer to God when I think about the mountains.

Anyway Sunday night I went to church for a time of training to pray for others. It came to my mind when we were put into groups of four where we prayed for each other that the thoughts I had about music in the morning was for one of the ladies in the group and go to the mountain for another lady.

The reason I say all this is sometimes we get words, impressions or dreams and they could be for another person or others as much as for us. If you believe in prayer like I do I feel that prayer is not only for us to speak with God for ourselves or family or other friends needs God himself may give us something for another person who we may know but we are not close to. We may consider them an acquaintance or someone we see at church. Indirectly they are part of our large family but we may not know them as well as others. We may get something for someone we have never met before either. Whatever the case my encouragement is for us to keep ourselves open to share these words, impressions or dreams with the person or persons that they are intended for; we should write them down or at the least have them in the back of our minds just in case that person or persons we meet. I believe to that we can have words for those who read this blog or posts. This could be something you have been thinking about for some time or just came recently. So if this speaks to you I ask for God to bless you.

Whatever our purpose and destiny is for each of us the important thing is too share and encourage others in a positive way. We can all hear and receive positive words from others. The world and life is difficult to live so whenever someone speaks encouragement to us the better we are for it. Amen!

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