Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Standing Tall

What more can we do in our life than standing tall.

It means that we will stand for everything we believe in no matter what others may think of us.

Standing tall means we have faith in God and in ourselves. What we see is more than with our own eyes.

We will press on even when everything around us says not to do so.

We will be bigger and better than our circumstances.

We will run the race like a marathon even when we see that we should stop.

No matter what others may say that discourages us we will continue to do the good fight.

The truth will mean more to us than the lies that may come our way.

We will lift the banner telling everyone that we are living a life of standing tall even when others want us to become small.

We will continue to have faith, hope and love when others tell us we should not.

We are great because our God is great! Amen!

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