Saturday, April 8, 2017

What’s Up?

Used to be something a lot of people would say in United States. I am sure in other parts of English speaking world as well. Often words like what’s up many like using as a greeting instead of hi or hello.

Over the years there have been similar things people say not only as a greeting but an expression. When I was a kid you could hear often right on or peace or many other words. Recently teenagers started saying “awesome”. So much that even adults say it too. Actually awesome is still being said today often. It will be interesting to see what the next word or phrase that will come out of the mouths of teenagers that translate to adults as well.

Another I like that is close to what’s up is what are you up to today?  If I want to be funny and I haven’t used to respond to that particular person I will say “six feet”. I am sure you got my response right?

Here in the northwest of the United States to answer “what’s up”? We continue having a lot of rain. So much that most people are very sick of the rain. Actually on Friday we had a wind storm that came through off from the Pacific Ocean. We don’t often get storms like this especially in April.  In late morning I tried to take my daily walk and I had trouble keeping my balance. The wind wanted to blow me over and when I finished grocery shopping keeping the bags in my hand was hard to do. I am not sure how hard it was blowing but I haven’t felt anything like that in many years. Fortunately our electricity didn’t go out. I am sure there were places that did lose power.

So next time you talk to someone greet them with what’s up?  When they respond than say “awesome”.  Do that for whatever they say.  Both of you might get a good chuckle out of it. Good day and enjoy your weekend.


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