Saturday, May 13, 2017

Firing Lines

Being someone who wants to press on in my purpose and destiny it is important to know that I am on the firing lines. Other words there are or will be opposition to what I do.

If you are a Christian you know and believe in Satan or who some people call the devil. Even if you are not a Christian and want to do good things Satan will attack you or discourage you in what your purpose and destiny is. Often the reason it may take us a long time to figure out what our purpose and destiny is. Satan will put us in a vulnerable position to make us think that we don’t have a purpose or we won’t succeed if we do.

Often he will use other people to make us doubt what God has put in our hearts to do or we won’t succeed when we first try. This is why it is important that we press on even when success is not happening in our purposes. We have to live in our faith and continue on.  We may not have success when we first begin however we will after a period of time. Often our purpose takes experience.

We have to remember that not everyone is going to accept our purpose especially those who we are supposed to help. In fact they may be the hardest ones to accept us. The most important thing though we must remember it is not about us because our purpose is for others. We were created to make a difference in the world and it may take a lot of time for the world to recognize us.

Another thing is we have to accept others purpose and destiny. In the same we have one everyone has one although they may not recognize it!  So press on though the firing line may be hot for the moment in the end we will succeed for no other reason because of our destiny.  

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