Friday, May 19, 2017

Making Plans?

                                                  Gig Harbor, Washington

                                               The Space Needle Seattle Washington

Summer is coming soon. It is hard to believe that May is half over. Have you made plans for your summer as of yet?

Right now I am in the process of making my plans for the summer.  I am looking to take about ten days and go visit my cousins up in British Columbia, Canada in July so I may be off the radar during that time however I will write about it when I get back. British Columbia is a wonderful place to visit so if you have never visited there I would recommend it. You have Vancouver one of the largest cities in Canada that is very international as well along with Vancouver Island where Victoria is at along with many other places to visit especially if you enjoy camping and fishing.

In September my sister Barb will be coming home to Gig Harbor, Washington to see me and our mother. Besides Gig Harbor there are many other places to see as well. Another great place to camp and fish along with boating; Gig Harbor has a lot of small shops that you can take a look at along with renting a kayak for a couple hours or go out on a boat.

Seattle has a lot of places to see well as going north into the San Juan Islands. There are ferries that you can take all over the Puget Sound. If you have a bike a great way to get around seeing many sites so your plans still up in the air consider coming our way. We will enjoy having your company.

                                                       One of the Washington Ferries

                                                     Big Ranch British Columbia

                                                      Owen's Beach  Tacoma Washington

                                           Hoh River Olympic National Forest Washington

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