Friday, May 26, 2017


I spoke about laughter and that brings joy. What we must do is to have joy in our lives.

Just like laughter joy is a choice that we make along with happiness. All this makes life a lot more to handle.

The world seems to throw things at us that will bring depression and hopelessness. It could be the reason some people are not living as long as they would having joy instead.

I found recently that as a young child fear, rejection and bullying were a major part of my life. They kept joy from being part of my life on a regular basis. It is amazing that I have had some joy in my life. In fact I didn’t love myself very much because other’s didn’t love me or at least that is how I felt anyway.

Now I am going to love myself and others too. I have encouraged others the last three years to be the best they can be and myself not always having the same freedom. Now I believe that I will receive the same fruit of joy, hope and love others have experienced whether before or finding out through my messages.

I knew that this all was part of my purpose to life however to live it as God has promised will be even more so. I am not saying that at all times these gifts will be with me but surely more often.

I look forward to love being in my life on a regular basis. I am loving myself, others and God. The last being God is the most important thing. I know that God loving me most of all will give me a great life and allow me to love others and myself.

If you are having trouble in the same way I have and you want to be free to love yourself and others ask God to forgive you for listening to the lies that have come upon you over the years. Accept who God has made you to be and love yourself. This will allow you to live out the purpose and destiny God marked on you way before you were born. Pray and ask God for all these things. You will have a gentle and loving heart. God bless you in all things. Joy, peace, hope and love to you. Amen!

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