Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Travel to Other Nations

Whether you are an American or someone from another country I believe it is a good idea to do some traveling to another country besides seeing more of your own country.

The age of the internet has made the world a smaller place. I enjoy not only reading about other countries but seeing where those who read my blog are from. It is nice to see people from Russia along with other eastern European countries and those from Asia and Africa. I hope someday to be able to afford to see many different places.

The church I go to in my home town of Gig Harbor, Washington gives money to mission organizations in different parts of the world and some members of the church go on short visits as well. One member of my church Paul is currently in Nepal. He is there helping out the people and an organization that has an orphanage. Nepal is different than many nations because it is against the law to be a Christian and a person from another country can’t enter on a mission visa. Paul and his wife Tabitha who I have known for over thirty years were originally planning to be missionaries to Nepal though you can’t use the term there anyway. Paul and Tabitha along with their children went to Nepal a few years ago when the big earthquake happened. They found it satisfying because they were able to help survivors of the quake. Both of them have medical training so it was something they could do to help out along with building homes as well. The homes are not like the ones here in USA they were metal buildings that I would call temporary though the people may still be living in them. Paul and Tabitha now take turns going to Nepal on trips helping out orphanages along with bring home goods from Nepal. They have a business where here in the Gig Harbor area they sell the goods brought back from Nepal. A very good idea though the business is taking time to be built up. They save the profits of the goods to help return again to Nepal. I find that to be an interesting idea to do wherever you go.

Another couple at my church he is American and she is originally from Russia. Often they sell goods that are made in Russia. What they do is sell the goods at farmer markets. If you are not familiar with farmer markets most of the goods sold are vegetables and other products people grow on their farms however there are couples like I know that will sell clothing as well. Also you can buy something for lunch too. These farmer markets usually happen once or twice a week.

I have always thought it would be nice to go on a mission’s trip myself whether it is for short term or long term. I know several couples that are full time missionaries and others that go on short mission trips each year. The youth in my church each year go for about ten days each summer on a mission’s trip. This year they will be going to Mexico. A good thing to do because not only they are telling people about Jesus Christ they are learning about a different culture.

I am looking forward to learning more about different countries. My idea right now is to adopt a country and learn as much about the places and the people along with hoping to travel to those places in the future. So whatever you do whether it is traveling for vacation or on a mission’s trip learn about the places you want to visit before going. There is something real special about doing so. I hope to meet some of you someday whether here in the USA or in your country.

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