Thursday, June 29, 2017

Highs and Lows

When we watch sport competitions we see highs and lows all the time. The same thing can happen in our lives. The key is to have more highs than lows. Not always what we can control that is for sure however we do need to try.

A lot of it has to do with our attitude and faith along with our choices. I have had times of loneliness and despair. During those times I had a lack of faith and hope. I realized after a while I had to have a better attitude to get through it. It does take time to get there though.

It is important for us to keep our eyes and ears open for our family and friends when they are in their times of lows. We should be available to help them out in the same way we hope others will be for us when we are going through something.

Usually when I come out of the lows I tell myself this will be the last time however that never happens. I just hope that the lows are less frequent than the highs. This is why I feel so good about writing this blog because I can share things with the reader. These days I don’t have a lot of lows but not many highs either; other words right in the middle.  I realize that I can’t control everything in my life. The hardest thing is when disappointments come along but the discouragement last only a little while and I look to the bright side instead. Enjoy all the things that are good and hope for the things that I wish in my life.

Today bring joy into someone’s life even if it is only a smile and saying hello. Often all anyone wants is that another person cares and is paying attention. God bless you today.

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