Friday, June 23, 2017

Summer Here?

                                                  My home of Gig Harbor, Washington

It is officially summer in the Pacific Northwest however the question always is summer here? 

This year it does look like summer in the Pacific Northwest. This weekend the temperatures will be in the eighties and it will hit ninety on Sunday.

This doesn’t happen often in the summer where the temperatures will get to high eighties or nineties. In fact the temperatures usually will vary between mid-70s and 80s. Next week the temperatures are expected to be in the mid-70s which is just fine for me.

You see I have fair skin and I am a natural Pacific Northwest resident so I don’t care for the temperatures to go into the 90s. I don’t mind a few times during the summer but not for several days in a row.

Like many other residents of the Pacific Northwest I believe it is the most beautiful place in the world during the summer. I am sure most people feel that way where they live as well.

There is so much people can do in the summer around here. There is hiking, camping, kayaking, and sail boating to name just a few of the activities. We have the Mt. Rainier National Park, the Olympic Rainforest and the Wenatchee Rainforest to visit. There are a number of hiking trails that can be hiked on either for the day or a week. When I was in Boy Scouts every August we would go on a fifty mile hike in the Olympic Rainforest. We usually took ten days to hike figuring a couple days to relax if it rain too hard and it usually did. I had a good time though my feet often said otherwise. We usually played cards on those days that we took time off to relax.

Also I can’t forget to mention the Oregon and Washington coasts are wonderful to see as well. There are a lot of spots to stop at along highway 101.

For me summer is not only good to enjoy the weather it is great to meet people whether old friends or new friends. I enjoy being around people and there are a lot of them during the summer. This is especially true when it comes to kids. I love watching kids and what they do.

In a month I will be up visiting a couple of my cousins in central British Columbia, Canada. I expect it to be very beautiful and I will report back here how things all go. I look forward to seeing some of their grandchildren as well. It has been four years since I was last there so the children will look different and most likely won’t remember me from four years ago since they were small.

So enjoy your summer wherever you are at. Have a great time with your family and friends. Many blessing to you.  

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