Friday, July 14, 2017

Faith is the Engine to Live By

We believe in what we see however faith is believing in what we don’t see. Faith is the engine that we should live our lives by. Faith should move us in ways that what we see doesn’t.
Those who have no sight depend on all the other senses like hearing and smell. They have to depend on faith to live by. This should be how we live our lives too. Not an easy task to live by because we are so comfortable with what we see.
Faith in a way is like dreaming. We all dream to some extent whether we remember the dreams or not. We should believe the dreams that we do remember.  No matter how weird they could be they have something to say to us. That is what faith does to believe in those beyond our understanding.
I do have to admit that I don’t think much about faith however I could be doing some things by faith without realizing it. One of my pastors once said that it takes faith to sit in a chair. We believe that the chair will hold us during the time we are sitting in it. I would say the same for driving, flying in a plane or walking. If we don’t believe that we will be safe than we will have fear to do all three of those things and I am sure there are other examples too.
So take faith and believe in what you don’t see. I am sure that your life will change. I know that I will.

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