Saturday, July 29, 2017

Keep Moving On

Regardless what happens either good or bad we must continue to keep moving on. We all know that life is short no matter how long we live.

Hope, faith and love are the three things that keep us going. I have known those who have had short lives however they had hope and faith along with love up to the very end. They were such great examples to live by. They were strong though they were weak because of their illnesses. These people I will never forget.

Although hope and faith are two important things in our lives when the time gets tough it is still love that I put my trust in most. Actually love is what makes hope and faith really work. Those that you love are the ones that keep you having the hope and faith to make it as long as you can.

It is easy to forget sometimes those that you love so much when you are trying to move on. Those who end their lives forget that and let the darkness get the best of them. They lose the hope and faith to get through all the circumstances. If you are having problem moving on take a few minutes to meditate to get back on course. You won’t forget what you have had and be thankful for all others in your life. In the middle of the storm and the waves are banging against you it is easy to forget. Cry out loud someone will hear you even when no one seems to be there. Remember there is only one chance at life and live it to the fullest you possibly can. I pray that light will shine in your life among the darkness and that hope, faith and love will return to you. Amen!

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