Thursday, August 31, 2017

First Responders

When it comes to disasters like the Harvey Hurricane that came to Houston area most of all I realize how important that first responders and others are to help out.

It is quite a sacrifice for them all because they can speak days if not weeks away from their families. For the first responders they go in when the place is still in danger. They have to be experienced in rescue to get everyone out that is still alive. Depending on how large of a disaster the time could be for a while.

I honor these men and women because they sacrifice their time, lives and being away from their families. We should do all we can to honor them and let them know how much we appreciate the work that they do.

Be sure to continue to pray for these people when they are out in the field and when they are at home. It is a great calling in their lives. They are doing a wonderful service. Also give whatever money or supplies to the cause. We are praying for those all in the Houston area that are going through a tough situation. Seeing the flooding they could be homeless for some time. We hope that most of them have family they can be with or a good shelter.

We all have a calling in our lives and none is any greater than another. Do the best that you can do for others. Amen!

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