Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Thank You!

 Besides someone giving a smile or saying hi the next best thing is hearing thank you. This means that the person appreciates what you have done for them or coming by to purchase something.

I want to thank all of you who have read my post here whether you have many times or this is your first time. Also makes me realize that I am doing a good thing here and that lives are being changed for the better.

Yesterday a barista that I see about once a week when I take my mother for a doctor’s appointment thanked us for being a good and faithful customer. Today is going to be her last day because the small coffee shop she works at is opening another one in Port Orchard which is about twenty minutes from this location and so she will be working there because it closer to where she lives. Another barista will be taking her position at this one. Not only was she was thankful she came out and gave my mother and I each a hug. She hopes that we can come see her once in a while in her new location. We don’t go to Port Orchard very often however it is a good excuse to go and we can go out for dinner in the area as well. It is nice to know someone appreciates us coming. My mother said a few moments later that it would be nice if more people gave her a smile when they stop by. It is mostly employees in the health center that stop to get a drink and a sandwich or other goodies.

So next time you see someone say thank you to them. I am sure they will appreciate it and you have gained a new friend. I am sure they will return the thank you or say you’re welcome. Again thank you for being right here and that everything is going well for you.

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