Friday, August 25, 2017

Putting Others Down

I know it is common and I am sure this has been going on since George Washington was President however I don’t understand how some of my friends continue to be so critical of President Trump.

They say that people need to know how evil and dangerous he is. I am not a big fan of his however do they need to mention it on a daily basis. I am sure that all of us that have read or at least seen the headline on each of their posts that we get it. If we didn’t the first time we certainly have now. I know to that being the President of the USA or any country for that matter being unpopular is part of the job. I have heard from others who voted for Trump that people like them should realize that they lost and get over it. I am not sure I would go that far.

Anyway the reason I am mentioning this really has nothing to do with President Trump whether you like him or not. My point is that we need to watch ourselves on how critical we are others in general. Will we put others down as easy as we do President Trump? I know they say that they would never do so that he is the exception to the rule. That might be true however I don’t think it is good practice to put others down no matter who they are. None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes though President Trump is at a higher scale because of his position.

My point is that we should treat everyone the same regardless of who they are. If you feel the person is evil like they do Trump it is fine to warn others however not day after day. People have to come to their own conclusion. Also it is the majority in the voting process that elected him President. Oh by the way I didn’t vote for him or Hillary Clinton. I believe that prayer for President Trump is the most important thing. If for nothing else that God changes his heart.

Anyway thank you for letting me vent here a little bit. Remember to treat your fellow man in the way that you want to be treated and do it with a smile.

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