Friday, October 27, 2017

Being Friendly

We all know whether it is in business or pleasure it is important to be friendly especially in our first time meeting. Also we know it is not always an easy task either because of personalities.

I know I try to be friendly all the time because that is part of who I am but I know to that other people might not like me as much. I can feel offended by what others think however I figure what is the point. I know to that it isn’t easy for some as well.

We all live with a life of garbage so we can be lit on fire by some even with their lack of knowledge. Other words people can push our buttons even without intention. Most of us have a word or two or even more that makes us go off.

It doesn’t happen to me often however if someone says something to me very personal or my character I can go off in a heartbeat. In these cases I have to apologize and move on.

So remember to be friendly to everyone even when it is difficult. We all know people that don’t like us very well so we have to be tolerant anyway. I call it putting on an act. In many ways we are all actors even though we are not in theatre or a movie. Other words we have to play another part. We have to be someone that we are not. This is true for someone that being friendly doesn’t come natural like it does for me.

Anyway this is free advice you can take or choose to ignore. I hope that you have had a good week and enjoy weekend. Cheers!!

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