Saturday, October 7, 2017

Gig Harbor Sunrise

Growing up here in Gig Harbor it is easy to take for granted the natural beauty of the place. I have had friends move away because they got tired of the rain.  I figure days when waking up and going for a walk during sunrise makes it worth living here.

I was reading a post this morning from a classmate of mine in high school showing the rise of prices of homes in Seattle. It showed a house that was in very poor condition and I am being kind saying that which is on the selling market for over a half a million dollars. Prices on homes and rentals are skyrocketing right now. It is a seller’s market for sure. A lot of it has to do with all the high tech jobs around here.

Gig Harbor though it is a small town under ten thousand people has more technical jobs outside of Seattle and Kirkland where Microsoft has their headquarters. That was what I heard anyway.

So maybe it is getting hard to afford seeing such natural beauty often. It is unusual to see in October because this when the raining season begins and so far we have had temperatures reach into the eighties in these first few days of October. I know it hasn’t happened before however the weather has been changing.

We are expecting rain this weekend. I am not sure for how long but it could last for quite some time with an occasion sun break. It is during the sun breaks where I can enjoy the sun rises and sets along with viewing our awesome mountain.

Even if you don’t like rain like my friends who moved away you can come during the spring, summer and early fall to enjoy the natural beauty as well. Rain usually falls for six months of the year. I like the fact we have four seasons here or at least three anyway. We haven’t had much snow here in Gig Harbor in recent years and that is what I call winter otherwise it is continuous of fall. The rain keeps the natural beauty as well. On a nice day when the sun is out you can rent a sailboat or a kayak for a few hours. It is a great way to enjoy the Puget Sound.

Very nice to wake up to another day to see what is in store for us. No days are quite the same even if you try to make that way. God bless and amen!

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