Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A Leader

First of all let you know that I have an associated degree in business management. I have never had a so called manager position but I do know something about and being under managers both good and not so good.

I have often heard stories of poor managers and most of them have been put into the position because they were good at their job and those above them felt it was important to move them up to a manager. Sometimes those people aren’t ready to be a manager or leader just because you know a lot about your job or career. Also your personality might not fit in to be a leader.

A true leader is one that is not selfish and wants the best for his team. Of course there are times where the leader has to make tough decisions especially about those on the team that are not doing the job right or not being a team player.  A sport like football to be successful and a winner they must work as a team. If one player is not going along for the ride the team can be let down and not win.

Many of you might be a leader without realizing it. These are probably the best leaders of all. You start out as part of a team and then move up. Also being in leadership is a gift and not everyone has that gift. If you are a leader in training which means that you are not being recognized by those in charge that makes those decisions those who are around you whether co-workers or friends know that you are a leader. The best leader is one that sets an example and is willing to lead his team into battle. Let you know though you may not be in a position of leadership time will tell when you do and don’t worry about it either. Remember to that every leader need good followers as well. So keep up the good work whether a leader or a great team player. Peace to you all.

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