Thursday, November 30, 2017

Watching Your Step

On Wednesday morning while I wasn’t watching my step I fell down. I got a cut on the lower part of my right hard hoping to catch my balance. My right leg just above the ankle didn’t get cut but a nice bruise happened. I tried to walk on it for a while however realized it would be a good idea go to urgent care to see any damage happen.

The good doctor had me get an x-ray to see if it had been broken or not. The good news it is not broken however I have to wear a brace for possibly four days or at least until the swelling goes down and it no longer hurts. Also I have to wear a brace for the same period of time and have it iced every two hours for a period of thirty minutes.

The thing is we don’t always learn from our experience. I have fallen several other times after having a couple sprained ankles playing tennis. The good doctor told me that often it does happen after a sprained ankle you have to watch your step and must see that nothing is in the way when your ankle may decide to turn. Since I do spend a good portion of time in my apartment it is important to always have a clear path so this won’t happen again. The key though will I learn my lesson because the mind doesn’t always remember such things especially the older you get.

So this is a history lesson for all of us to be careful whenever we walk or run for that matter. I was fortunate that the injury wasn’t worse than it happened. This lesson isn’t only good about walking but life in general. It is important that we watch our step in all circumstances. None of us may be as fortunate like I was in this case. This could be walking down the street and a car comes our way where we could get hit or in that manner we are the drive and something similar happens when we are behind the wheel. We all need to keep our eyes open at all times. This is my advice to us all. Amen!
Another thing today would be my older brother's 64 birthday and your family still misses and thinks about you. He passed away in 1992. The best big brother around. 

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