Saturday, November 4, 2017

Snow Fall Arriving

The snow is arriving a bit early this year in Western Washington. In fact this could be the earliest on record or in my life time anyway.

Friday morning the snow fell throughout western Washington primarily from Seattle to the Canadian border. That happens more frequently than it does in my home town of Gig Harbor. In fact we only got traces of snow coming down with it not sticking at all while everywhere around us received a little snow at least. This is common since we usually get the least amount of snow in western Washington. I believe we are in a pocket where snow is less likely to happen and the temperatures are a little bit warmer to.

The weather forecast is for more snow to happen coming Saturday night so we will have to see whether we get any to stick this time. I am sure the other areas will get snow to stick. Some areas still have the snow on the ground.

This year they are expecting colder weather this winter than we have had for a number of years. It is interesting that snow doesn’t happen as often than when I was a child. I have a number of memories of snow and getting out of school early for it. As an adult it has been less frequently. Of course as a child we often see things bigger than life than when we grow up and that may be what has happened here however I do know that we haven’t had snow as often than when I was a child. The amount of snow may not have been as much as I remember but talking with others they come up with the same conclusion as I do.

Every year we don’t get many chances for it snow and that hasn’t changed I just remember more snow fall. Most of the snow around here happens before Christmas or late January or into February. I have seen it snow in March as well but the amount is usually not very much. Most years five inches is a lot of snow around here however north of Seattle and south of Tacoma get more. When we get five inches they most likely will have ten inches. Also the snow will last longer in those areas as well. Most of the time the snow last only a couple days; I only remember a half dozen times or so where the snow has lasted up to a week. Most people don’t want to have snow around here. They say you want snow go to the mountains. I say let’s bring it on. I have no problem driving in the snow. The biggest issue though we have a lot of hills around here and it is hard sometimes to get up them. That happens to when we get ice without the snow. I am pretty lucky where I live I can avoid the hills if I have to however many live on hills where it is hard to move their vehicles when snow hits. So I do understand why many don’t want the snow but I like to see it once in a while here just like the kids. They love throwing snow balls and going down the hills with school out to. Oh how I remember those times. Wherever you are at enjoy your winter unless it is summer where you are. Have a great holiday season.

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